Our priority for our youngest children is to provide a caring and nurturing environment. We will ensure your child settles well into the nursery from the onset, focussing on providing a comfortable and safe yet stimulating environment. Your baby’s Key Person will ensure that routines such as nappy changing and feeding and settling to sleep are opportunities for ‘one to one’ time, and are consistent with your routines at home.

Babies stay in our Baby Room from 3 months of age until confidently mobile. Babies grow and develop rapidly during their first year. They begin to gain control of their bodies and become increasingly mobile. They learn about language by listening to adults talking and they start to make sounds and eventually their first words. They need close loving relationships with adults so that they feel safe and secure.

Our Baby Room offers a cosy environment where babies can play, rest and sleep. Our staff devote uninterrupted time to playing and talking with your baby. Interactions, talking and singing are really important at this stage to support your baby’s language development and to make them happy and contented.

Your baby will enjoy being able to explore:
  •     A cosy area for snuggling and books
  •     Creative play (finger paint and gloop)
  •     Sensory play including music and sounds
  •     Treasure baskets filled with natural materials
  •     Physical play as they become more mobile