"I think all the staff are wonderful and they look after my son very well." John - Dad

"Langley Gorse Nursery is friendly and welcoming, the staff are approachable and my daughter enjoys her time here very much." Jennifer - Mum

"Gabriel loves coming to Langley Gorse Day Nursery so much that the only time we have tears is when it's time to go! The staff and facilities are exceptional. Our son could not be happier or better cared for. Thank you." Charlotte - Mum

"Having worked for Birmingham Local Authority advising Early Years settings about best practice, my expectations of nursery for my son are extremely high. As well as being stimulated and having access to lovely resources, my baby enjoys love, care and cuddles from the wonderful staff. Above all, I want my baby to feel loved and safe in his nursery and the staff at Langley Gorse have provided just that. I could not be happier with how he has settled and wholeheartedly recommend this nursery. Thank you so much for making him feel so happy and for putting a very nervous Mummy and Daddy at ease. You are all fabulous!" Natasha - Mum

"Children enjoy a stimulating and varied range of play and learning experiences in this well organised and inclusive setting. Relationships with parents are very strong and supportive, ensuring children receive individualised care (and) children feel happy and settled. The effective 'key person' system ensures that each child receives close and personal attention helping them to feel safe and re-assured. Children's safety and well being is further promoted through robust risk assessment procedures, which ensure that children can move freely around their designated rooms.

Children are valued as individuals and practice is inclusive (ensuring) that the needs of each child are met. Activity plans are well developed and show how the individual needs of each child are supported and their 'next steps' are clearly identified. Toys, books and picture resources are used effectively to develop children's awareness of diverse communities and lifestyles. As a result, children develop a positive attitude and an active approach towards equality and diversity. Significant investment in good quality resources ensure that children enjoy a bright, stimulating and welcoming environment in which they settle quickly and develop their curiosity and interest.

Highly successful partnerships with parents ensure that children are cared for according to their individual needs. Comments and views received from parents are positive and complimentary. They feel well informed about the nursery developments and educational programmes. This helps them to support their child both within the setting and at home.

Children make good progress towards their early learning goals because they are actively engaged in a well balanced programme of activities which presents good levels of challenge.For example, babies are
inquisitive and curious. They delight in lifting objects in and out of boxes and listening to the sounds of different musical instruments.

They find out how things work as they press buttons and operate action toys. They develop their physical skills as they practice co-ordinated movements between the furniture and smile proudly as they negotiate the steps to slides on the indoor climbing equipment. Toddlers become excited as they experiment with a variety of tools and containers as they play in the sand. They learn to follow instructions for safe behaviour as staff gently guide them. Staff skilfully encourage children to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a variety of ways, such as in the role play corner and during small group discussion times. They value special events in children's lives, offering ideas and support to enhance children's learning at home.

Children take part in planting and growing projects, taking responsibility for watering seeds to grow into flowers and vegetables, and develop a sense of time as they self register their names at the beginning of the day and when they are ready to serve themselves a snack. Children behave well because the staff act as positive role models. They speak kindly to the children, offering positive encouragement to celebrate children's successful achievements!" OFSTED Report, April 2011

"The induction process for new children at Langley Gorse Day Nursery is second to none. My husband and I viewed a number of nurseries before selecting Langley Gorse for our son to attend and no other one came anywhere close with regard to flexibility of approach offered at the nursery. It is clear that staff are genuinely concerned that all children should settle at their own pace, attending as many sessions as necessary, with or without parents before their official start date. Our son has taken a while to become used to being left at nursery, taking more 'settling sessions' than many children, but being able to have flexible additional sessions helped greatly in alleviating both his and our own anxieties.

We have every faith in the staff who we know take great care or our son in our absence and would highly recommend Langley Gorse. Thank you for all you do!" Emma - Mum